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Is It Possible To Rebuild Your Joints?

August 16, 2017 3 Comments

Is It Possible To Rebuild Your Joints?

When most people get diagnosed with arthritis they feel as if their mobility is gone forever. I have often said on my radio and television shows that if the body can get sick, then it can also get well. That statement is proven time and time again by medical science. Yes, the joints can break down in the form of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. However, the body can also regenerate and rebuild these areas as well. Whether it is your knees, hips, shoulders, or even your feet, the achy joints can come back to life again. But how? There are some proven principles that have been shown in numerous studies that our joints can rebuild. The first key is to make sure you keep some form of exercise routine on a consistent basis. That has been a proven theme in the research. There are several keys to follow to get your joint health going on the right track.

1.Exercise with Resistance
I prefer weights, but the bands and bodyweight will work. Researchers found that when you exercise with a repetition range of 15-20 reps, it actually triggers the DNA to activate the joints to regenerate and rebuild. Yes, that’s right. So if you have knee pain and a degenerative knee, you can do certain exercises with resistance that will help to trigger the knee joint to begin healing.

2.Exercise Daily
We have to move daily. Performing exercise 3 days a week is old school and it just won't cut it. You have to get moving daily. It is essential for our joint health.

3. Reduce Inflammation
Your eating habits will set the stage for a great growth environment or a destructive one. Follow the anti-inflammatory diet and it will give you your best chance of winning the battle of healing the joints for empowering your health.

4.Stem Cell Therapy
This is a long topic. I would look into stem cell therapy. It is now cleared by the FDA and physicians are getting amazing results. There are two different kinds of stem cells. Embryonic, Mesenchymal, and Amniotic. The mesenchymal and amniotic stem cells are the ones to look for to help repair and regenerate the cells and tissue. Clinics are getting amazing results from knees to the spine to even conditions like diabetes and COPD.

5.Omega 3 Fats
I get asked about these often. These are vital to understand. Make sure you have a blood test done to assess what your omega 3 fatty acids are. The higher the level, the greater the capacity for your joints to heal. Keeping your omega 3 fatty acids elevated will help ensure the best environment for the joints. You can easily get your omega 3 fats from fish, nuts, and even vegetables like squash.

3 Responses

Debbie Jessup
Debbie Jessup

October 15, 2017

Joint pain and swelling in a finger joint – is that from inflammation? Can that be reversed or prevented from progressing?

Renee' Tibbs
Renee' Tibbs

August 24, 2017

Under #1., you stated that you can do “certain exercises with resistance that will help to trigger the knee joint to begin healing”. What exercises are specific to knee joints healing? Thank you!

Maria Rosales
Maria Rosales

August 18, 2017

My weight is 155lbs 4’ 9". Is Texas Super Foods a good source to loose weight? I am using your diet. No gluten white flour sugar pasta potatoes and counting calories. For 2 yrs. I need drastic measures. I take liquid cod liver oil 3x’s a day w vitamins and cashews/walnuts. I drink water all day. Thanks

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