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How You Think

November 21, 2017 2 Comments

How You Think

Did you ever realize that how you think determines much about how you live? Our thoughts have amazing power. As a matter of fact, if you look at where someone is in life, relationally, financially, and with their health, then you will see the sum total of their thoughts. So as a person thinks in their heart, so they will become. That has been the secret of the ages. When it comes to our health, it is no different, our health is determined by how we think every single day. When you think about making great choices, guess what? You will end up making great choices.

Sow a thought, reap an action

Sow an action, reap a habit

Sow a habit, reap a character

Sow a character, reap a lifestyle

Our thought patterns are really that simple. Why am I telling you this? Because the National Institutes of Health tell us in several research articles that our health is determined by our behavior more than anything else. It is responsible for over 50 percent of how our health will ultimately turn out. My challenge to you is to watch your thoughts. Begin thinking about how you can upgrade your thinking to become better than you were yesterday.

So what is a great way to start?

1. Pay Attention To Your Words

Words will come true. Watch what you say and how you say it. Our words come from our heart. And you want to make sure what is in your heart is full of life, not death.

2. Take 10 In Your Morning Routine

We are a product of our routine. Every morning I take 10 minutes, no matter what. In those 10 minutes I do 3 things. For about 3 minutes I tell God what I am so grateful for. Then another 3 minutes to pray for those that are on my heart. Then the last 3-4 minutes I focus on where I believe God wants me to go, to do, and whom to serve. This would be your goals and your purpose.

3. Read 30 Minutes Daily

Don’t ever miss. This will begin to teach you and shape you. Make sure to spend at least this time on books that will challenge you to grow.

4. Spend Time With People Ahead of You

You will become who you hang around. Make sure you are investing time with people that are where you want to go. Make sure you have something to give them in return.

Focus on these key areas to maximize your ability to produce the right kind of thoughts each and every day. Your thoughts will begin to shape your mind and ultimately your health.

2 Responses

jason fitzpatrick
jason fitzpatrick

December 10, 2018

When you don’t have a circle of supporters: family, spouse, parents, etc.; you will come to understand the importance of believing in yourself. I believe people not trusting themselves is part of the reason for the drug epidemic. They get so caught up in anxiety that they search for an external cure. I know a habitual drunk who thinks he has nothing left and that he will die in a few years, I hope he does not because he has three adopted daughter who need him. He also has untreated PTSD. I believe all four are important. Believe in yourself, take time to remember how much you truly have, read-read-read, and spend some time with people who have perspective.

Cindy Sankolewicz
Cindy Sankolewicz

February 27, 2018

All those are so important but #2 the most in my opinion. “Seek first the Kingdom of God “ and see how we change for the better.

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